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Groundbreaking ceremony of SINOMA’s high-performance silicon nitride ceramic production line with an annual output of 100 tons held


On September 15, the groundbreaking ceremony of the “high-performance silicon nitride ceramic production line with an annual output of 100 tons” independently researched by SINOMA High-tech Nitride Ceramics Co。, Ltd。, a national high-tech business affiliated to China National Building Materials Group Corporation was held in Zibo city of Shandong province and this production line features complete intellectual property rights and a leading position in China。 President and CPC Party Chief of China National Building Materials Group Corporation Song Zhiping attended the ceremony and made a speech; and Vice President Li Xinhua was also present。 The ceremony was presided over by Yan Faqiang, secretary of SINOMA party committee。

Silicon nitride ceramic is a new type of advanced ceramic material. Compared with other materials, it has excellent performance; its hardness is second only to that of diamond and its weight is only one-third that of steel; and in the mean time, it features high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wave transmission and other special properties, therefore, silicon nitride is known as the structure ceramic with the best overall performance. In recent years, through constant research and development, SINOMA has first realized the engineering production of high-end silicon nitride materials prepared by hot isostatic pressing (HIP) technology in China. The performance of the HIP ceramic bearing balls has reached the international level.

Song Zhiping pointed out in his speech that China National Building Materials Group Corporation has been adhering to the three strategies of “Innovation Oriented, Green Development and International Cooperation” and has been creating “six platforms” and promoting transformation of “four modernizations” around “three curves”, and so far has not only realized the expected goal of 1+1> 2 and more achieved encouraging operation performance。 SINOMA silicon nitride ceramic project is an independent research result of the Group with complete intellectual property rights; and enjoys great application prospects in the fields of high-end equipment, electric vehicles, aerospace and aviation。 The groundbreaking of the project marks that we shall present another gift for the 19th national congress of the CPC。 Hope SINOMA will create this new material industry into the most influential leading industry, make China’s high-end equipment installed with ceramic bearings made by China earlier, make China’s electric vehicles use high thermal conductivity silicon nitride chip made by China earlier, make silicon nitride ceramic play a greater role in the military construction of China and make the “bright pearl” of silicon nitride ceramic more bright and dazzling。

The project is located in SINOMA Science Park of Zibo High-tech Zone。 After being put into production, the production line mainly produces silicon nitride ceramic bearing balls, electric vehicle used silicon nitride chips, and solar polysilicon reduction furnace used silicon nitride composite components, which are mainly applied in high-end equipment, electric vehicles, aerospace, aviation, wind power, photovoltaic solar energy, precision casting and other fields。 This silicon nitride ceramic material is also a key material for military supporting products and is irreplaceable in aviation bearings, the new generation of ceramic wave-transparent material, high-power ceramic chips, etc。 The project will become a platform realizing harmonious military and civil development after completion and will make positive contribution to the emerging industry and national defense construction of China。

A total of 200 or more people, including Board Secretary and General Manager Assistant of China National Building Materials Group Corporation Guang Zhaoyu, Director of the Technology Management Department Zhi Xiao, and principals of relevant departments; Member of the Standing Committee of Zibo Municipal Party Committee and Senior Vice Mayor Yang Hongtao, Director of Zibo Municipal Economic Information Commission Wang Kehai, and Standing Deputy Director of the High-tech Zone Administrative Committee Wei Yujiao; SINOMA Chairman Liu Yan, CPC Party Secretary and Vice Chairman Yan Faqiang, CEO Zhang Weiru, Vice President and President of Shandong Industrial Ceramic Research & Design Institute Co., Ltd. Li Yong; Editor-in-Chief of China Building Materials News Meng Xianjiang and Deputy Editor-in-Chief Han Cuiying; as well as members of SINOMA and Shandong Industrial Ceramic Research & Design Institute Co., Ltd. and media workers, attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

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